Just as our bodies need calories as fuel for our physical activity; our souls need nourishment for our spiritual journey.  Our experience shows us that there are numerous daily disciplines that help feed our souls.  That's why we have developed soul food---a collection of daily devotionals, Scripture readings, thoughts, and sermons to help you refuel for your spiritual journey.

The first of these disciplines is participating in some form of daily devotional that combines Scripture, insight, and prayer.  One of our favorite and most recommended daily devotional guides is called the Upper Room.  You can pick up your bimonthly copy on the table to your right as you enter our sanctuary, or you can go directly to your daily devotionals at www.upperroom.org, then click on the title next to "Today's Devotional" to read what is written for today.

Scripture reading, reading Christian authors, and reading or listening to sermons can also be means of feeding your soul.  We invite you to explore the links on the left side of the page for more about these "Soul Food" disciplines.

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